Garbage Guru Custom Replicas


*Garbage Guru Custom* Republic Services Mack MRU TerraPro McNeilus RL (for Truckfan10)

I bought this truck custom for $165.00 with Republic of Elgin IL DOT info, as well as on a Mack MRU TerraPro, and included was 2 carts, one with a grey lid. This is not for sale. I made this video by request for Truckfan10. Comment if you like this video and if you would like to see my others in action ( only if you guys want me to make more) To get your own custom replica made, please visit For those of you not familiar with my channel, I video garbage trucks in my area and anywhere I may travel.

Posted by MACK MAN on October 2, 2017 at 9:08 PM 9089 Views