Mcnelius rearload album Mcnelius rearload album buehler waste freightliner cab buehler waste,westgate ia 17088129 wm replica container this container is made for these trucks 30873585 township 199038596 wm cabover mack my first one i ever done 17088126 bfi canada 199038330 waste management this has the new decals before first gear came out with them 17089751 wm old mack this was a demo 17089754 wm mack this is a custom rearload with chrome rims 17089739 mcneilus co. custom truck 17088088 mcneilus co. factory 17088085 kieths sanitation freightliner cab,kieths sanitation clear lake ia 17088084 ankeny sanitation freightliner cab,ankeny ia 17088124 absolute waste decal is a water slide,absolute waste,mason city ia 17089755 absolute waste this was a demo decal 17089752 city of sumner iowa custom rearload for a retired employee,sumner ia 17091232 sumner cab 17091233 teds 199038387 bfi of canada custom rearload 17091248 staten island carting 196029596 staten island carting 196011899 abc disposal custom rearload,abc disposal,hiawatha ia 17091903 allied waste water decals this was my first one for allied 17088122 allied waste chicago clear decal better quality ,chicago ill 17088123 allied waste boston mass. this truck has all the bells and whistle,strobes,shovel,name on the door,license plate number,cheater axle,itailian flag,dot number 18315169 allied boston front of box 18315170 liberty ash 199038449 liberty ash 199038450 allied boston front 18315172 allied boston rear of tailgate 18315171 republic services first gear run limited run 23293307 iesi of new york city 2 of these were made 20824986 iesi new york door decals 18467773 augusta disposal trash cow 20825020 augusta disposal augusta ga 20824987 tro it out sanitation Lincolndale ny 20824990 eagle disposal east earl pa 20824988 eagle disposal if you look the mcnelius logo is a decal 20824989 wm 46816163 peoria disposal these are custom area disposal rearloads 46816169 peoria disposal area disposal 46816170 wm custom mr mack 199038519 wm 199038521 front side 199038522 kieths sanitation kieths rearload 46816171 absolute waste rearload 46816172 moler sanitation this was done up for a retirement and on a international 46816174 republic services custom custom made by garbage guru with working blade 51222127 abcor companies custom done by garbage guru 51222129 sylvesters service decal is just like whats on the real truck custom granite 56809462 atlas sanitation n.y.c. custom mack granite the phone numbers,yes flames,in memory of,new york waste commission license 56809463 atlas front view,look close kids names on the hood,and there plates,hut decal on window 56809464 atlas custom mack mr 56809465 noble county 196011784 allied waste rearloads look at the flag these are for the chicago site 63214029 iesi of alexandria la mr mack exact logos like the real trucks 63214033 mike p hall 196011786 augusta disposal thats right international tandem all 10 trucks 63214034 county trash a local company located in texas and yes single axle freightliner 63214036 god bless the usa 196011789 county trash white freightliner 63214037 county dumping it 63214039 consolidated waste services utica ny agressive local waste company 74971715 rocky mountain sanitation single axle international truck located in colorado 74971718 newly done bfi of canada heres what there suppose to look at 74971719 waste management rearload this was a bday present painted rearend with container 74971720 enterprise sanitaire fa ltee this is a replica of bfi canada unit these turned out really nice 83385333 peoria disposal this is the new look for them these look really good 83385434 first gear republic truck this was made for bennett with a custom container 99296444 bfi canada rearloader 99296445 black mack rearloader this would look good with sdt waste logos 99296446 internationals these were custom made all custom 99296448 international rearloader closeup 99296449 joey devito this wass a truck made for a boy named joey devito 113198638 perillo sanitation custom rearload 113198643 perillo on the hood the kids names 113198644 walters sanitary custom one made on a international 113199228 ACE recycling and disposal mack rearload 113201332 evergreen waste a local company based in delaware 127453953 vf waste a local company based in houston tx 127453954 land and lakes a local company based in chicago ill 127453955 shawnee county sanitation division county ran sanitation co and yes with new way decals on it front and back 127453956 gold medal disposal triaxle rearload exactly like the real thing local company from philadelphia pa 136704906 mccoy sanitation indianola iowa local company 136704907 mack pink rearload this truck has the working led lights and will be at waste con in canada 2011 on display at waste advantage magazine 142041153 competition carting local company yorktown ny 148816928 swingers sanitation local company located cuba city mo 152116434 tjs carting located westchester county 152116436 new way mfg 152116437 granger located lansing mi 152116438 granger 152116439 custom truck one i did for myself 163054671 limandri this was done up like gold medal with the customers name 163054672 southwest sanitation local company located in southwest wis 163054673 joe morea and sons local company in brooklyn ny 170450083 rock river disposal 178941410 black hawk waste 178941411 wm mack granite triaxle 178941412 deffenbaugh industries 178941413 2013 swana 178941414 lifetime service award 178941415 custom m truck this was done up for michael robbins for his boy 190294701 custom m truck 190296677 city of columbus 190296678 south san francisco scavenger 190296679 staten island carting 190296680 staten island 190296681 bigs sanitation local company in pa 170450086 bigs updated 190297110 west seneca 190297111 crown carting 190320976 bday present we can do any color for anyone or companie i can even do a picture of you on the side 190320977 bfi 191962672 coulter companies 197239766 coulter companies 197239767 coulter companies 197239768 wm dual cart tippers 197239769 crown waste 197239770 riteway disposal 197239775 campbells 197239776 noble county 197239898 god bless the usa 197239899 mike hall 197239900 republic triaxle reflective decals on cab 199978831 republic triaxle working blade 199978832 iesi nyc 202543901 dsny 202543902 srwm 202543903 shaw 202543904 murreys 202543905 203387536 203469881 203494254 203726257 203726258 204494629 204494630 204494631 205723069 205723070 205723071 205723072 205723073 205723074 205723075 205723076 205723077 205723078 205723079 205723080 205723081 205723082 205723083 205723084 205723085 205723086 205723087 205723088 205723089 205723090 205723091 205723092 205723093 205723094