national old school replicas national old school replicas western waste industries this is a replica of a actual truck from california with the exact phone numbers the cab has painted stripes not decals and this carry can is what they use to use back in the day 127452994 old wm there was only 2 of these made 17092099 western waste thanks kevin the cali garbage guru follower 127452995 bfi custom rolloff 17092589 bfi sideload custom decals 23280547 waste management burgandy well here it is finally a very nice piece 18314617 bfi custom compactor 17092567 wm custom compactor 17092588 wm burgandy this was a demo only 17090617 white bfi custom rearloader 17088087 bfi freightliner this is a custom rearloader 17089753 bfi mack custom with chrome rims 17089740 laidlaw rolloff edmonton division 190322251 old mr wm rolloff this was all custom for a customer 51223354 mr mack/compactor all custom done 51223355 custom 5 axle bfi fl this was done for a customer very nice piece 51220222 waste management hod 196011901 bfi custom this has the drivers name on it 74976833 laidlaw this is a prototype 113199894 bfi waste custom old bfi 99296447 old school republic 190320975