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Posted on November 5, 2011 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (28695)

well here we are its 2011 going on 2012 and there is alot going on,if you have any input on what you would like to see made let me know,also i will be changing some things around on the website,making my photo gallery a little more user friendly,more archive info from back in the day new old school trash trucks thats a surprise and again thanks for being apart of this 


Posted on February 13, 2007 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (253)

This website was designed for the hardcore collectors and for a little bit of history on some of the recent companys that are no longer around here's my info on myself.

My name is Anthony, I have been around trash trucks and the business for 20 years. My dads business was primarily run out of Oelwein, Iowa. We had 3 trucks, we only ran 2 which was started in 1984. As we grew, so did the competitors which made it appealing for the bigger companys to start scouting. As we started in the 90's there was Waste Systems Corp, United Waste, USA Waste, Sanifill, Longview, old WM, BFI,  and Allied Waste.  My dad sold his company in 1995 and when that time came later in the 90's, USA Waste was a player and so was Allied Waste.  The companys that mentioned are not around anymore and now its waste management and republic industries these 2 companies are making a trend in the industrie to enviromental trends. I currently still work for waste management. I believe as of today the trash industry is an overlooked industry as a whole. So I designed this website for one reason, you the collector, as my quest in the past 20 years I have accumulated a lot of books, toys dumpster decals, stock info, trash ads out of phonebooks and pictures that I will be sharing. If you want to send me info to put on this website email me at [email protected] and remember those companys that are not around thank you for reading this.  

Well its been 2 years and now garbage guru is making 1/34th scale and 164th scale trucks,we also are doing school buses,semis,cop cars,wreckers,fire trucks,and now collector cars. if you would like to inquire on this drop me a call,also im updating the website as i go so keep watching close